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Is He Ready For Kids

Let’s face it, the lure of marriage just isn’t what it used to be and while it remains a goal for many, for a growing number of women it isn’t as important as finding a strong partner and a great father.

Despite peer pressure, there’s nothing wrong with going half on a baby with the right guy. It’s easier than you think. The right guy is a ready guy.

Even if he did put a ring on it, that doesn’t mean he’s ready to be a dad yet, or ever. Hopefully you talked about that kinda stuff ahead of time, but when it comes to your kids, actions are always safer than words.

Here are a few ways to know when the guy in question is ready to go half on a baby….

He has a resume of responsibility
Having kids is the biggest responsibility most men will ever be given. Responsibilities are like steps. The more he takes, the better his balance. But he has to crawl before he can walk, then maybe he’ll run so fast you’ll get whiplash.A guy that’s ready for kids is no stranger to responsibility. He’s taken those steps, way beyond what it takes to be self sufficient and spends most of his time managing the affairs of others.He’s not perfect and mistakes come with the territory. You don’t acquire gymnast-like balance without fumbles, but he honors the commitments he makes with family, friends and colleagues.
He has a dog
Granted, not everyone is into the pet thing but you’ll often find an era bonding with man’s best friend on Responsibility Man’s resume. Pet lover or not, don’t kid yourself. A well fed, mannered and kept house dog takes work. It’s an enormous emotional undertaking to feed, cleanup after and still love a life form that doesn’t pay rent or bills and has the audacity to be disrespectful.Sound familiar, parents?
He understands saving
Does he put money away for a rainy day or blow every last dime on the office sports pool? The costs of a new life always surprises new parents, and emotional strain only rises when he’s spent a lifetime throwing away money. In addition to juggling the upfront costs, a great-dad to be will be setting aside funds for college and other long-term financial hurdles from day one.
He’s supportive
If you want your seeds to grow into the tallest, strongest trees on the block, they’re going to need support. A lot of it, all the time, for everything. Men that get it right find a delicate balance of masculinity and femininity, the strength to be commanding and gently reassuring.
Supportive guys are easy to spot. He may already be your cheerleader or always called on by others for strategic, emotional or financial support. He may even be a trained support specialist like many in education and healthcare fields.
He has a soft spot
Is your guy a people person, peace maker or great at including people? Does he breath an air of comfort and serenity, dare I say, stability. All of these are ideal breeding habits for nurturing fathers to be, a man with the chops to give girls the confidence it takes to grow into strong women and boys the patience it takes to grow into men who excel. Just don’t go overboard and find a chump you won’t respect you in the morning.
He’s anal
You may hate a boss that micromanages but it’s an imperative skill for parents. From deciphering what an infant needs, to keeping a close eye on adventurous toddlers to noticing when your teen is secretly up to no good, a potential dad that sweats the small stuff is invaluable.
He a dad already!
I know, you had your heart set on being mom #1 but look at it this way: he’s already made the big mistakes most parents do. The second time around is a breeze.
It’s the job with no overtime pay, bonuses or slick business cards. Yet you’ve got to be on it, all day, every day and tomorrow. There’s no better sign the guy you’ve set your copulation sights on is ready for kids than him already being a great dad.

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