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TIME Names Jamaica among Best Olympic Uniforms

Jamaica Gear


TIME Magazine listed their Worst and Best Opening Ceremony outfits for this year’s Olympics, and Jamaica has been voted as the BEST.

TIME had this to say of the Cedella Marley-designed Jamaican gear: “We love these uniforms, mostly because the designers didn’t seem to be trying too hard. The vivid colours and geometric colours are so fun! Just like the Olympics!”

This comes short of the recent shock at the fact that the Ralph Lauren United States Olympic gear was made in China.

The festive, island-vibed PUMA Jamaican Olympic team wear was designed by Cedella Marley, daughter of the legendary King of Reggae Bob Marley.


Germany gear


France gear

United-Kingdom gear

South korea gear


The total results were as follows: BEST – Jamaica, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, South Korea.

WORST – USA, Australia, Russia, China, Spain, Hong Kong.

Italy gear


USA gear

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